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White Sage Sticks Bundle

White Sage Sticks Bundle

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Quantity: 3 sticks in a bundle


About White Sage

White sage is the most highly prized western sage found in the mountains of Southwest California. Used for environmental purification, crystal and auric cleansing it harnesses incredibly strong aromatic properties, the very smell of white sage invokes peace and higher thoughts.

How to Use

For house cleansing, identify the area of negativity. Burn a small portion of the bundled white sage. Fan the smoke to encompass the area or you can start from the door and walk in a clockwise direction covering the perimeters of the room. Place the remaining burning sage in the centre of the house to complete your cleansing.

For auric cleansing, breathe in some of the smoke by holding it a few inches away from your face. Smoke the whole body with the burning white sage leaves in a clockwise direction. Complete your cleansing with a positive affirmation.

For crystal cleansing, hold the crystal in your hand and go round the smoke nine times in a clockwise direction. Affirm it with a positive thought or prayer.

*Note: Always use caution and respect when working with fire.